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The early 21st Century has been heavily defined by rapid change in the U.S. Manufacturing Industry
Technology, Globalization, Automation, the Internet. It's a changing game but with many new opportunities for success. Making the right career moves and finding the right talent can be a complex and confusing process.

Aviston Technical Services, Inc is dedicated to helping employers & individuals find each other to achieve ultimate fulfillment & prosperity with the least amount of hassle.

A Few Reasons To Choose Aviston Technical Services, Inc


  • Flexible -your just-in-time-hiring team. Ready when you are.

  • Adaptable-outsource recruiting or augment staffing team.

  • Dependable -instantly accessible. Call us day or night.

  • Dedicated-we maintain constant communication with talent you seek.

  • Expertise-we "get" your hiring challenges. Solution oriented.

  • Recommended proven track record of success. Best retention in the business. (ask around or ask us for references!)

  • Accountable-confident guarantees, we stand behind every placement

  • Trustworthy-maintained reputation, loyal, professional. Presence on social media


  • Confidential- online resumes announce your intentions to the world. Search discreetly.

  • Centralized- one source for many opportunities. Throughout your career!

  • Experienced- we are experts in our client's industries & marketplace. Avoid mismatches.

  • Convenient- we take care of the details & keep you informed.

  • Connected- discover unadvertised positions, insider information, be poised & ready when timing is right.

  • Accessible- always a phone call away, avoid the "black hole" of on-line job applications and applicant tracking systems.

  • Trustworthy- pros & cons always presented equally. Our retention rates are unmatched.

Aviston Technical Services, Inc is fully modernized & social media savvy, but hasn't forgotten that traditional, time-tested approaches to recruiting work best and always come first.
Social Recruiting Traditional Recruiting
  • Supplemental, can never substitute verbal contact.

  • Effective for some roles, but not others.

  • Convenient-Great for keeping in touch easily.

  • Transitory communication form. Short lived.

  • Superior-no algorythm matches the human brain

  • Personal, complex and nuanced discussion. No character limit!

  • Time Intensive-Requires time, effort and focus.

  • Permanent-Lasting relationships formed.

Aviston Technical Services, Inc fully devoted to matching top notch professionals with companies and positions that fit their needs and to making sure our client companies get the best possible talent available.

Aviston Technical Services, Inc prides itself on their Industry Expertise, Personalized and Customized Service and attention to detail and always putting their clients and candidates they work with first. We welcome and encourage your questions, scrutiny and greatly hope for the opportunity to earn your business and your continued trust.

Yours truly, Brian Keith Browder President/Sr. Recruiter Aviston Technical Services, Inc