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Farrahi Avval, Sahar [in progress]: [Article on "Explicitation and its usage in the Persian translation of Harry Potter"]. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2009 (Giessen Contributions to the Study of Culture 2), 241-262. Gehrmann, Wolfgang: "Wem gehört Harry? Houghton, John: Was bringt Harry Potter unseren Kindern? Although selective logging causes less damage to the canopy than clear cut logging, it provokes direct and indirect negative environmental effects. Bassham, Gregory (ed.): The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles. Grindhammer, Lucille/Hall, Alexander: "The "Harry Potter" phenomenon." In: Englisch betrifft uns 4 (2001), 1. Milano: Paoline Editionale Libri, 2005. Jahraus, Oliver: "Harry Potter, Frodo Baggings [sic!] und der Kampf 'gut gegen böse'." In: Medienobservationen. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2005. Gagliardi, Lucas: "Sueños interrumpidos: el american dream en Animales fantásticos y dónde encontrarlos." In: La Colmena 94 (2017), 25-32. Fenomen społeczny - zjawisko literackie - ikona popkultury. However, this theory has been criticized (Ostrom, 1990). Silva, Roberta: "The Risk of Conformity: Representing Character in Mass Market Fiction and Narrative Media." In: International Research in Children's Literature 3 (2010), 75-91. Programa de cine y educación en valores. Haugann, Martine Juritzen: Decentring the Wizard: An Analysis of the Constructed Discourses of Animality in the Harry Potter Series.

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Norderstedt : Books on Demand, 2012. The logging of Cameroonian forests is a prime example of this phenomenon. Surabaya 2007 (Undergraduate Thesis, Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia). Companies want to get profits to pay back debt to banks (that charge interest rates), to pay dividends to shareholders, and to make further investments. Thomas, help with essay writing uk James W.: Repotting Harry Potter. Cummins, June: "Read between the Lines for a Lesson in Consumer Coercion." In: Times Higher Education Supplement (21 Dec 2001), 20. O'Sullivan, Emer: "Zwischen Erziehung und Unterhaltung: Zur Verortung der Kinderliteratur von Robinson der Jüngere bis Harry Potter." In: Werner Faulstich/Karin Knop (eds.): Unterhaltungskultur. Algeo, John: "A Fancy for the Fantastic: Reflections on Names in Fantasy Literature." In: Names: A Journal of Onomastics 49:4 (Dec 2001), 248-253. Hippard, Victoria L.: Who Invited Harry? Rotruck, Amy Rose: "A Guide to the Harry Potter Novels." In: Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 17:2 (2006), 196-198. Millman, Sierra: "Generation Hex." In: Chronicle of Higher Education 53:46 (20 July 2007). The economic operators involved in timber production are obviously key stakeholders in Cameroon’s forest sector. Rowlings Harry Potter." In: Christine Lötscher, Petra Schrackmann, resume writing australian public service Ingrid Tomkowiak (eds.): Übergänge und Entgrenzungen in der Fantastik. Mauk, Margaret S.: "'Your Mother Died to Save You': The Influence of Mothers in Constructing Moral Frameworks for Violence in Harry Potter." In: Mythlore 36:1 (2017), 123-142. Indeed, illegal practices have adapted to the new rules – they became more complex and sophisticated.

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Zur Ideologie der Romanreihe J.K. Gross, Edward: The Making of the Potterverse: A Month-by-Month Look at Harry's First 10 Years. Graz 2014 (MA Thesis, Universität Graz, Austria). Lexe, Heidi: Pippi, Pan und Potter. Zur Faszination von Harry Potter. Cerutti, P and L. Tacconi, 2006. Knobloch, Jörg: "Harry Potter™ - vom Kinderbuchhelden zum Film-Idol und zur geschützten Marke." In: Merz: Medien + Erziehung. Innocenti, Orsetta: "Skulls or Schools? Randall, Eric D.: The Pottersaurus: 1,500 words Harry Potter readers need to know. Santiago de Compostela, 2, 3 e 4 de setembro de 2002. Andersen, Kara Lynn: "Harry Potter and the Susceptible Child Audience." In: CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal 7:2 (2005). Bulkley: Children's Dreams: Understanding the Most Memorable Dreams and Nightmares of Childhood. Goldstein, money can buy everything essay Steven: "Translating Harry. Deets, Stephen: "Wizarding in the Classroom: Teaching Harry Potter and Politics." In: PS, Political Science & Politics 42:4 (2009), 741-744. Cabeza-Gutés, M. and Martinez-Alier, J. Langer, Verena: "A Harry Potter Day. Ein zauberhaftes Spiel nacherfinden." In: Sportpädagogik 29:3 (2005), 48-51. Vol. 11: Europa und die Grenzen im Kopf.

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Bergisch Gladbach: Baumhaus, 2009. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Empfehlungen aus dem Projekt 'Literalität im medialen Umfeld. Zejda, Christine Anna: Unleash your imagination. K. Rowling. Bruxelles: Peter Lang, 2018 (PhD Thesis, Université Paris X/France). Eine Gattungsdiskussion zeitgenössischer Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in der Post-Potter-Ära. Am Beispiel von "Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen". In some cases, as when asking for redress in a court of law in a civil suit, this is what is done: asking for money as compensation for damages. Saarbrücken: AV Akademikerverlag, 2015. Tolkien's and J.K. Rowling's arch-villains." In: Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness 1:3 (2003), 170-181. Epletveit, Torill: Harry Potter - venn eller fiende?

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