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My daughter and her boyfriend recently investigated the possibility of leasing a property in Perth, W.A. Inability for landlords to chose their own agent. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Thanks for your comments… sorry about the delay but we have a new website and Blog set up and i needed to learn it before knowing how to come back to you… Glad to hear it is working out for you. Charges applied for ‘sworn valuations’ conducted by companies own people, not qualified. The second issue you have is purchasing a one bedroom unit. Can you contact us in regards to the class action. They emailed threatening that we were in breach and would not receive our incentive about 6 times but we stood our ground. Michael, I have seen the sales history figures… might have something to do with those commissions I mentioned earlier? I have to say, I have read some misinformed comments about NRAS on a range of websites that just leaves me shaking my head. What sort of rental yield valuation is that? Now how my situation varies from the horror stories (Howard Ave – Kevin and Adam) is in the fact that it is in the heart of Melbourne and it is a small percentage (less than 10%) of the entire development dedicated to NRAS. I assume you live in Adelaide but havent physically seen any other locations across Australia, which I have… and yes in Elizabeth you have issues there too… please dont pretend otherwise. Hi There, I notice that The Lakes College, at North Lakes isn’t listed, but according to the my schools website they have excellent NAPLAN results? I have a legal battle on my hands at this point in time, am unemployed due to this monster, I have two kids to raise and put a roof over their heads and food in their tummies by myself as I am a single parent having to unfortunately rely on Centrelink Benefits which I absolutely detest having to do! Affordable Housing is different with Social Housing. Are Kevin and Adam above talking about NRAS or housing commission? I also agree that not ALL NRAS tenants are bad news… it just seems to be the vast majority. My figures indicate, that despite all the fees, and the apportionment of deductibility of expenses, using 105% borrowing (using other equity), you still come out CF +ve. There are some fantastic deals available with NRAS, and for strategies that require higher yielding investments they are perfect. These are leased to people who have to apply through the NRAS scheme. Are there other questions that I should be considering?

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If and when a good new story comes from NRAS, I will be happy to publicise but I wont hold my breath. Its easy for people to criticize when they have the money. NAPLAN is a flawed test, dissertation order of chapters it is now over time for it to be removed. I ask though, do you offer NRAS to your clients? It still doesn’t change the fact that there are a ton of social issues surrounding concentrated NRAS areas… please note the word concentrated. I believe if you sell NRAS you should own multiples of them, if you truly believe it’s a great investment. At no stage does it say that some of the suburbs that have these NRAS properties will or won’t perform. WA has employment issues with sustaining employees and not losing them to the north in the mining game. For those that feel that NRAS is for the lower income holders you would be wrong. Consider your point which states that they are ‘hard to sell’, well on the other side of the coin, for the buyers, that gives them fantastic opportunities for yield at $11,000 per year plus getting them at a great buy price also. Tax issues – investors need to be aware that there is an ATO Private Ruling that seems to indicate that you can only claim a portion of your expenses (interest, property mgt etc) as deductible. In the Brightwater Water Estate. Then there are those in the program who are abusing the scheme… (no that wouldn’t happen…) who are building properties to let them out to NRAS students from overseas who are very wealthy. Honestly, I don’t think he knows what he is talking about as my understanding is that this is a ‘scheme’ to get investors on the boat to help the government deal with socio-economic issues and this does not apply to non-investors. You can also work with a domestic violence support worker. Australian Government once again fucked up, and cost Tax payers millions of dollars that mostly went back to foreign capital investment firms.

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You have made some very good points regards NRAS. When i initially purchased those properties, wedding planning service business ownership my annual land tax bill was around $1600 from memory. Like me! I pay for my child’s education out of the very little money I have JUST so he can have a good education! The start of the article states that 9 judges put forward their preferred spots then YIP did their homework on them and judged the best in their eyes. The 126 “not for profits” control less than 30% of the 50,000 NRAS entitlements, buy essays uk online and none of their “stock” is available to you or me or the readers. It will come down to the deciding factor when future purchasers look to buy your property and if they have several choices to buy and one has a car space and your does not, homework help lexington ky they will take the other. Here’s to hoping there is more of a mix of housing in the street. Your article raises a lot of things I have been worrying about. Wow… do you really believe in your own words… EVERY lender does desk top valuations, drive by valuations, Valex Vals and use Contract of Sales for valuations under certain circumstances. Ethan now merged into Tebter Property, trying to outrun the stick of incompetence. The damp is inbuilt. But eight properties and the repercussions for All may indeed prove too much liability, either for the property managers, or government building contractors, or the government themselves. So while this may not be ultra high household income, nor is it the income of a dole bludging unemployed pensioner/welfare recipient type of a tenant! As far as my other properties you do not know how long I have held them – the captial already gained on them etc…(so many things you do not consider) You cannot ignore we have been through some tough times and just because a property dropped rent does not mean anything about the actual choice of the property originally. The unit is being marketed as $325k, market rent $350 reduced rent approx. But I do believe the right property in the right market could prove a sound investment. I just had a read on it, I wouldn’t be looking at investing this way, looks similar to NRAS.

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I paid $455,500 for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment (no car space). Correction: Its has six , 2-Bedroom NRAS home surrounding it. Also don’t like the fact that the leases today were for 2 years. I stumbled across your blog while researching about NRAS. So, the place is not boxed into the actual complex. It is my opinion that the only way this can be, is if these tenants have falsified their leasing applications and/or subsequently brought other borders under the roof to help share the costs. I reckon the selling price is too high. Work references,BUT happens to be on a pension? The value of the property is independent of the developer or seller. I think NRAS is a great scheme, as an INVESTOR of 2 of them, is it better to listen to music or not while studying or doing homework I CAN clearly state you are wrong.